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Dynamic Strategic Alliance & Capacity Building

Dobbins International, Inc. provides in-depth training for strategic alliance and capacity building. We train everyone from manufacturers, lawyers, and accountants, to supply companies, technology companies, and automotive suppliers.

Course Content

Gives you the tools to assess whether an alliance is the right opportunity for your business. The curriculum we’ve developed offers a thorough introduction to strategic alliances. This introduction is followed by a two-day workshop, during which we take you through the entire strategic alliance process. We also walk you through the corporate procurement process, and help you understand how to identify value and large corporate customer requirements.

Targeted Action

Training concludes with a focused one-day program during which we take everything learned in the previous two-day workshop and customize it to a specific business, opportunity, or application.

Knowledge for Success

As a convenient alternative to classroom-based learning, we have developed workbooks from the courses we created. These workbooks are highly beneficial to all small-to-medium-sized businesses and may be used in our classes or as standalone learning tools. Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase the set yourself and learn from them in your own time.

The Strategic Capacity Building Process Workbook

Based upon our two-day training course, this 150-page manual on strategic alliance provides our clients with invaluable knowledge of the process and how it works. This option is priced at $124.95.

Fast-Track Companion Workbook

Apply what you’ve learned about the strategic alliance process to your specific business or application. This 50-page companion workbook is priced at $69.99, and equips you with the tools you need to understand how to put your knowledge into action.

Economical Combo Pack

Take advantage of a reduced price for both workbooks. Our combination pack is offered at a discount rate of $149.95.

Hands-On, Working Knowledge

Gain the invaluable benefit of training with a company offering unique insight into the process of strategic alliance that is not generally available. As a supply chain professional for one of the top oil companies in the world, I have lengthy experience in negotiating contracts. I come from the perspective of a seller of products through business development experience at a large distribution company, and I also have a small business that has its own functioning alliances.

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